Google Product Listing Ads

Set up and control your Google PLAs with ChannelPilot

Integrating on to Google is more extensive than on normal comparison sites. The interaction between product listing ads (PLAs) and listing on Google Shopping can be a big challenge.

ChannelPilot is optimally set up for both and provides customers a troublefree interaction of Google category mapping, data processing and CPC (Cost-Per-Click). Unlike Google Adwords, PLA offers are set up so their data feeds require a picture and additional product information to be included.

For the success of your marketing campaigns, these factors are essential — ChannelPilot offers a convenient solution.

From summer 2014, you can also manage the click prices (CPC) of your Google PLA campaign automatically on ChannelPilot.

The bidding decisions can be controlled through configurable algorithms, based on numerous influential factors like conversion rates, margins, ROI and many more.

With the choice of objectives, like maximum margins or budget limits, your Google PLA strategy will be positively influenced. CPC controls can be set to be fully automatic or only partly- it’s your choice!

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Automised Google Feed

The product data feeds will be automatically configured for each channel and transferred. ChannelPilot helps you keep the feeds constantly correct and up-to-date. Individual connections to each channel no longer stand in your way.

Optimised Listings

ChannelPilot helps you to process your feeds so your products automatically have optimal presence on each site, warns you of any mistakes in the feeds and offers suggestions on how to optimise them further. With these features, you are assured an appealing and professional appearance in this competitive market.

Extensive Analysis

The extensive range of business and online marketing KPIs helps you to better control your products on the channels, with ready-to-use graphs and charts which are clear and understandable.

Customised Workflows

Detailed filters and rules can be set up to help you in import and distribution. Automatic functions optimise your sales and your controls can be set up to apply automatically or manually.

Expert Support

Our resident experts, with years of experience in product data marketing, are contactable by telephoneor e-mail and will happily log in to your system to assist you.

Black– & White–Listing

With the extensive filter and control features you can set black and white lists to help your marketing i.e to suit your strategic decisions.


Define your own control modules and test them against each other, for the optimal success for your online marketing.

Manage your Budget

Define your marketing budget; this can be your overall budget or broken down by channel group, channel, product group, product or individual configuration. Then just let ChannelPilot optimise your budget for you – in a partially or fully automated manner - the choice is yours.